5 memorable things to do in Saint Lucia

Start your trip off right by staying at a hotel that meet all of your needs. If travelling with family, ensure that the hotel is family friendly. It would be a bummer to get there, realizing you made a bad choice.

Visit the local market in Castries; the capital city. You’ll be able to see an array of local fruits and vegetables. Peruse the many displays of handmade arts and crafts, they make great souvenirs. Savouring the local dishes and baked goods is also a must, don’t forget to wash it down with some coconut water!

The Sulphur Springs is a drive in volcano, the only one in the world to be precise. Enjoy a mud bath with sulphur and very hot water from the volcano. This is a popular place to visit because the water is believed to have medicinal properties but besides that, the sulphur is very soothing on your skin.

Visiting the Pitons is a must! They are two mountainous volcanic spires and are a world heritage site. The Pitons are so important to Saint Lucia, the local beer is named after them. Cheers:)

The Caribbean is known for their pristine beaches, some of the best ones are in Saint Lucia. Hit up as many as possible and while there, you may get a chance to interact with the locals. Take a taxi or use the local bus to get to one.